Are you ready to unroll your mat and practice?

You can work with me as a private client, in a group or

attend one of my local classes or workshop.

Private One-on-One Practice

You will experience a uniquely designed practice of yogic tools just for you. I can blend asana, pranayma, journaling, meditation for each private session. I will add in some reading of yoga philosophy or listening to music to enhance your experience.

We can meet in person or video conferencing.


YogaMatUnrolled offers on-line workshops. All programs are a personal experience, with group interaction for support, encouragement and open discussion.

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Local Students

I teach at a variety of yoga studios, community centers and schools. For my current calendar {click}

Attending Melody’s yoga class on a weekly basis had a significant impact on my personal yoga practice, as well as my understanding and appreciation for the various poses in our practice. Her teaching style is so so warm, thoughtful, and emphathetic – I found myself always looking forward to each of her classes. Her encouragement led me to be much more conscious about the subtleties of my body and, in turn, I evolved to be a better listener to my own needs. The balance she helped me achieve on my mat directly influcence a healthy balance off the mat as well. For that, I’m truly grateful!

~~Stephen M.