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This website, individual blog posts, audio and videos may contain product or program links. If you decide to click a link and purchase a product or program I recommend, I may receive a commission. This commission does not increase or affect the price you pay.


This supports the costs of maintaining this site, Yogamatunrolled, and allows me to continue creating Free content for you. I promote, share, recommend and teach products and programs I have personally participated in, benefited from myself and I feel your life, health and business with benefit from too. It’s all the stuff I love! I am grateful for your support.


I am an affiliate for several product lines and companies, and I receive a small percentage of the sales revenue when a sale results from a link on my site.


I review products, programs and services I feel will benefit, serve or enhance you in some mindful, healthy way. I do not receive payment for positive reviews.


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I am not a doctor. All information on this website, corresponding emails, newsletters and social media accounts is intended to be used for educational and/or informational purposes only. All opinions are my own unless otherwise stated. None of the content or affiliated products and programs are meant to diagnose, treat or cure any disease or ailment, nor is it a substitute for medical advice or care from a medical doctor or licensed health practitioner.


I am not a doctor and I do not know your personal medical/health history. No content on this site is to be read or interpreted as medical advice. This content is offered and shared as opinion only. I’m a certified yoga teacher, wife and mother with some years of life experience. It is my opinion based on those experiences.


Consult your medical doctor or licensed health practitioner to address any and all health issues, questions or concerns, and before changing your diet or starting a new exercise program. Please use your own judgement before putting your health at risk. You know your medical/health history and your body, I do not. Please be responsible, kind and mindful with your self-care.


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