As soon as this sweet, petite book arrived at my home I flipped through several pages and tossed it in my bag with a smile. Immediately, Yoga 365 – Daily Wisdom for Life, On And Off The Mat became a tool for my practice, as a student and as a yoga teacher both on & off the mat.

With an entry for each day of the year, this structure of inspiration reminded me of Judith Hanson Lasaster’s A Year of Living Your Yoga. A mainstay on many yogi bookshelves.

In Yoga 365, Susanna Harwood Rubin shares
a yogic rhythm of daily practice.

With inspirational bits & pieces that include asana, myths, mantras, mudras, meditation, breath work and philosophy, this book is an essential tool for everyone’s practice.

Ms. Harwood Rubin is a fixture of the New York City yoga community. First arriving in the 1990’s as an artist studying for her masters and showing her artwork in the downtown galleries.

While working at the Museum of Modern Art giving lectures on art history, she found herself in a yoga class seeking to manage her stress from the competitive art world.

These classes introduced Ms. Harwood Rubin to some of Anusara’s (this Hatha yoga style founded by John Friend) most popular yoga teachers. Continuing her interest and education of yoga, she slowly began to blend her love of art history with her newly found passion for yoga philosophy and Hindu deities.

Ms. Harwood Rubin began to write about
these passions on popular yoga blogs.

In a recent J. Brown Yoga podcast, Ms. Harwood Rubin talks about how Hindu deities are a “collection of metaphors” within ourselves to call to the surface during our yoga and chanting practices.

Yoga 365 — Daily Wisdom for Life, On And Off The Mat feels like a collection of Ms. Harwood Rubin’s passions entwined with threads of love, travel, art, philosophy and yoga practice personally designed for the reader.

These daily offerings provide a glimpse into Ms. Harwood Rubin’s well-traveled path like the many stamps in her passport. A blending of cultures woven together to support any yogi’s practice on and off the mat.

This writer and yoga teacher loves the right-at-your-fingertips ease of wisdom this book offers. I can reach into my yoga bag for a bit of mindful insight. I follow along daily to observe these teachings for my personal practice. Also, I randomly open the book to any page to share inspiration with students.

There are many gems in Yoga 365 – Daily Wisdom for Life, On And Off The Mat. Here is a glimpse of daily offerings.

  • “Our Breath is our Conversation with the World”
  • “Mala Meditation”
  • “Your Environment Tells a Story About Who You Are”
  • “Each Yoga Pose Invites You to Experience Yourself”
  • “Find the Humor in Life”
  • “Meditate On The Sounds Around You”
  • “Twist Gently to Create Powerful Change”
  • “Give Thanks When You Eat”
  • “Breath Into Your Bones”
  • “Generate Kindness”
  • “End Your Day With Gratitude”

Yoga 365 – Daily Wisdom for Life, On And Off The Mat will become an essential prop for practice many days after the initial year. A must have for every yogi’s book shelf.

What books are on your yogi book shelf?  Share with us in the comments.


This book review previously appeared in:

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