Yoga Is For Everybody

My name is Melody Lima.

Welcome to YogaMatUnrolled.

This is a space where you will find

the yogic tools just for you.

I believe Yoga is for Everybody and

Everybody can practice you.

Working with Melody has changed my life.


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3 Meditations for Beginners

Meditation is a quiet focused moment of the mind. It is taking the time to observe the thoughts whirling around in your head. A simple, honest acknowledgement of all our stuff; the good, the bad and the ugly. It is not about emptying your mind or stilling the waters of consciousness. We experience super busy…

Book Review: Yoga 365-Daily Wisdom for Life, On and Off The Mat

As soon as this sweet, petite book arrived at my home I flipped through several pages and tossed it in my bag with a smile. Immediately, Yoga 365 - Daily Wisdom for Life, On And Off The Mat became a tool for my practice, as a student and as a yoga teacher both on...

Savory Lentils

These Savory Lentils will soothe your soul on a chilly day. This recipe is packed with fresh veggies, protein, crunchy pecans and a yummy spice mixture.  You can serve it warm or cold, and travels well. Enjoy. Salad Ingredients 1 1b dry green lentils, cooked as...

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